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2004 National Book Award Winner: Nonfiction
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K E V I N  B O Y L E

A Saga of Race, Civil Rights,
and Murder in the Jazz Age

A history that is at once an intense courtroom drama, a moving biography, and an engrossing look at race in America in the early 20th century.

Author Biography

A professor at Ohio State University, Kevin Boyle teaches 20th century American history with an emphasis on class, race, and politics. His previous books include The UAW and the Heyday of American Liberalism, 1945-1968 and, with co-author Victoria Getis, Muddy Boots and Ragged Aprons: Images of Working-Class Detroit, 1900-1930. He is the editor of Organized Labor and American Politics, 1894-1994: The Labor-Liberal Alliance.

Author photo credit: Victoria Getis


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